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I am a faith-based influencer and content creator. In 2017, I began posting about body acceptance on Instagram. For three years, I shared my discoveries on self-confidence and finding peace with my body image. I worked with major, well-known fashion companies, skincare brands, and beauty brands.

In 2020, I became born again in the name of Jesus Christ. I was baptized as a baby but never truly knew Jesus. It wasn't until I gave my life over to Him that I truly found self-compassion and purpose. My purpose was never to help people find peace with their body image (which is still a noble pursuit) - it was to help those with mental illness find healing through Christ.

Now, I often create content about living with bipolar disorder and my journey as a Christian. God healed me in the midst of the darkest moment of my life. If you'd like to hear more about how God found me and saved me, please watch the video below. God bless you! Thank you for visiting my website.

I create content on Create Compassion (my YouTube channel) as well as on Instagram (@lexysprite) and TikTok (@lexyspreitzer). Check out my content for more on my faith journey and inclusivity for those with mental illness!
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