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What To Do Every Weekday While Working From Home

[originally published June 25 2020]

For many of us, working from home has become a part of our "new normal." Whether we are potentially working from home long-term or a few days each week, working from home can become monotonous. Let's be honest, wearing pajamas most days and having more flexibility within our work schedules is pretty nice. However, at-home work can become lonely and boring.

There are five days in the typical workweek. So, below are five ideas for making your workweek more interesting! I have organized the ideas by days, but you can adapt some or all of these ideas into your week as you wish. Do Monday's suggestion on Thursday instead and I promise I won't care.

On Monday, do one act of "self-care" after work

On the day after the weekend - Monday - start your week with a kind and loving intention. Acknowledge the workweek ahead by picking a self-care activity and doing it after work. You don't have to finish the activity, but designated some time (maybe 20 or 30 minutes) to do something relaxing. Some examples of activities include participating in a meditation session on Youtube, coloring a picture on either an app or in real life, and starting a DIY project from Pinterest that helps create calmness. Make sure the activity you choose is somewhat exciting - it'll be something you'll look forward to doing after work! If you're not looking forward to meditating, for example, try thinking of a new activity to do.

On Tuesday, read 3 different articles OR read a book

Tuesday (or any day really) is the day to learn something new! Read a chapter in a book - any book! Even if it's not a self-help or informational book, you can activate your brain activity by reading some fiction too. Stimulating your imagination is just as important - sometimes learning new things actually comes from your own creativity! If you're not a book-person, try reading three articles on a topic you don't know much about. It's less time and less of a mental investment, so it might be worth a shot. Learn about a new culture, a new way of thinking, or some cool facts you didn't know otherwise.

On Wednesday, video-chat with a friend

Some of my friends are cool with me just calling them out-of-the-blue. I need to actively schedule video-chats with others. Make Wednesday your day when you pour a glass of wine or a cup of tea and virtually hang-out with a friend or family member. While you can chat any other day of the week as well, pick a day (in this case, Wednesday) that you'll always be able to chat with someone. If you can video-chat with a group of people, that's awesome too! The 'more the merrier' when it comes to virtually spending time with loved ones!

On Thursday, be a boss-babe (or just a boss-version of your typical self)

Put on a cool shirt and some paper-bag pants or dress for professional success. Put on some smooth lipstick or even those blue-light glasses that make you feel like the queen or king you are. Wear and style yourself so the work you complete today feels powerful and important - just like you! If I could recommend switching any of these days, it'd be Monday and Thursday. There's nothing like starting your week with either some self-compassion or some powerful, boss vibes to inspire you to get **** done the rest of the week. Boost yourself up and look forward to completing the projects you started at the beginning of the week.

On Friday, try a new work-out style or a new recipe

Kick-off the weekend with something new - try working out in a fun way! Go for a walk but discover a new path and let yourself wander a bit. Maybe, drive to a forest preserve and check out some new scenery. Try some workouts with a friend while social-distancing. Or, try a new recipe. Make Friday nights a time when you can experiment with new foods or beverages. Even if they turn out awful, you have all weekend to laugh away the failure. Do something exciting to "start the weekend happy" while not stressing yourself out. Leave a comment if you have other at-home Friday night activity suggestions!

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