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Top Beauty Brands with an Amazing Social Impact

There are so many beauty brands out there today! Like, every celebrity has a makeup brand. Also, famous Youtubers and influencers also have beauty brands. Everyone has a beauty brand or makeup line. Along with Rihanna and Kylie, I'm pretty sure my mom, grandma, and my cousin-once-removed (?) probably have their own brands too. Maybe, I think.

If you're one of the few people who hasn't commercially invested in the beauty industry, you might enjoy reviewing many of the available options out there. While I don't sell people Lexy-branded lipstick, I love reviewing lipstick. If I can't join the vast majority of influencers, gurus, and celebrities, at least I can critique their stuff.

Not only do I love testing out new makeup brands, but I love reviewing their marketing strategies. Having graduated in the refreshingly authentic and always-considerate field of marketing, analyzing brands' social appeal is so exciting for me. I'm a strong supporter of brands that aim to generate positive change in society. In this oversaturated beauty industry, there are few brands that are really creating that change. While I haven't tested the quality of some of the following brands' products, I support them. I support these brands because they support me - they give back to organizations I love, donate to causes that affect me personally, and convey strong advocacy on social media and in their advertising.

These brands are not listed in any specific order. Many of the brands support unique initiatives (and each one can appeal to different people in different ways).

Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

When I first heard of Selena Gomez's new beauty line, they were hosting a "contest" of sorts. A group of inspiring girls and women would have been selected to share their mental health stories and fly to LA for a promotional video. However, COVID-19 hit the US in the spring and the contest was canceled. Nonetheless, I thought it was so cool that a brand wanted to gather amazing, real women and film them sharing their stories about struggles with mental health, body image, and self-compassion. I entered the "contest" in hopes of getting to meet other really cool people and participate.

I love how Rare Beauty encourages women (and everyone else, too) to love themselves. They promote inner beauty and self-love, two important elements that a lot of other makeup brands fail to acknowledge. I understand that it's hard to promote inner beauty and self-love when you're a makeup company - like, you wear makeup on your face. It's not necessarily for your heart and soul - but if it makes you feel happy and confident, then I guess it could create a little self-love. Rare Beauty's message says just that.

Love Beauty and Planet

The best part about using Love Beauty and Planet products is that it feels relieving. There's just something about using an eco-conscious shampoo that really makes one think about his/her/their personal environmental footprint. When I use this brand's products, I feel the same way as when I meander through Whole Foods - like I'm saving the freaking planet. Also, similar to the essential oil aisle at Whole Foods, Love Beauty and Planet products smell a-ma-zing. I'm a fan of their lavender and argan oil lotion.

Love Beauty and Planet's website tells us about their use of 100% recycled plastic bottles, support of fair wage jobs, and use of ethically obtained ingredients with no-cruelty and vegan-friendly formulas. They are setting a new standard for bath soap brands - they're taking the correct steps to generate necessary, positive change.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush is known for making our bathtubs colorful and our powder rooms delightfully fragrant. They're also known for being an eco-conscious company. Upon entering a Lush Cosmetics store, you'll notice that all of their products are stacked liked produce, unwrapped, and ready to be "picked." Grab a brown paper bag (made from recycled material) and fill it up with all the sweet bath bombs, soaps, and massage bars you'd like.

Lush makes these shampoo bars - bars of shampoo - to reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles and excess water usage. Their use of all-natural ingredients makes the environment safer for people and wildlife. Everything is hand-made - because hiring people to make cute soap creates jobs and reduces waste from big factories. Plus, showering with handmade soap makes me feel so happy, like, these soaps were made with love. Thank you to the man whose face is printed on the bottom of my Sleepytime lotion. I love you too, Dave.

[originally published September 7 2020]


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