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Things To Be Grateful For

[originally published June 13 2020]

Here are some things that I'm grateful for. I hope you are grateful for these things too, or, I hope you are grateful for the people who provide such things for you. If you aren't grateful for one of these things, I invite you to share a different thing you are gracious about in the comments.

with love,

Lexy Someone who's always there (even just via a phone conversation) My mom has always been there for me. She isn't a perfect person - no one really is. She tries her best each day to love and support me and my younger sisters. I know a lot of her choices in life have been made in the best interest of us. When I was younger, I suffered from mental breakdowns a lot. By the time I was eight years old, I was receiving treatment for my mental health. My mom didn't judge me then and she made sure I was able to talk to child psychologists regularly. I am so thankful she accepted that my mental health was poor and took me to find treatment. I am thankful for her enduring love and empathy. The ability to make a difference For those of us with social media, we can share about important causes and movements to others - even if it's just a few people! Social media gives us a platform to voice our opinions and provide support in the form of awareness. The more people who are aware of any given cause broadens the capacity for changing the world for the better. Even without social media, we can volunteer with local organizations or donate to causes as well. Perhaps my favorite way to "make a difference" is to simply be my authentic self. When others see me (plus-sized, fat, curvy, whatever you want to call me!) wearing tighter clothes and being confident in how I carry myself, it makes them feel like it's okay for them to do it too! When others hear me discuss my mental health transparently and with empathy, they will feel less ashamed of their mental health issues too. Simply living authentically leaves a positive mark on others. The ability to learn and work Not everyone has the ability to work or learn in a school. Many women especially do not have access to safe and quality schools and places to work. Be thankful if you grew up in a society that required or encouraged school. School can be a place of stress and inequality for those who are oppressed or not mentally, emotionally, or physically able to learn as everyone else does. Even so, learning and growing as people gives us the tools to change these systems. The more we learn both individually and collectively, the more we can give back and find wholesome work. We get to work and support ourselves and others - how amazing is that? Even if we don't have jobs like philanthropists and politicians, we can make a positive difference in the lives of the people we do know. A cashier has the same capability to make a customer smile as a customer can make a cashier smile. Even the smallest acts of love are still important. In my personal opinion, all acts of love are equal - spreading love to one million people is just as amazing and necessary as is showing love to just one person. Being someone to another person I get to be a supportive friend, a loving daughter and sister, and a listening ear to so many more people. I am so thankful that I can help my loved ones when they need someone. I've never had the privilege of being in a romantic relationship, but one day I hope to give love to an amazing guy too. Spreading love and providing empathy is my favorite part about being alive. I've struggled with 'being alive' so many times and what keeps me here are the people I get to inspire, love, and help. Warmth from the cold I am thankful, right now, to be in my family's home. I am warm and safe. A daily cup of coffee or tea

Each day, I get to look forward to a cup of green tea or a cup of coffee. Usually, it's coffee - and sometimes it's both. A warm drink that is both soothing and sweet really makes me feel grateful.

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