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Photo-Tour of My Animal Crossing NH Island

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

[originally published June 9 2020]

Is this post unnecessary? Yea, maybe. But it is so darn cute. So, to anyone interested in viewing photos of my island, I'd like to say "welcome to Bellini!" {yes, my native fruits are peaches}

Fun facts about Bellini:

1. It's a starry-themed island. THE STARRY FURNITURE IS SO COOL-LOOKING. S/O to Celeste.

2. My flowers are color-organized and my favorite villager is Ketchup. In real life, I hate ketchup. It's one of the most ironic existences in my life-to-date.

3. If you have a ton of extra DIYs, you have my heart.

4. My sister and I occasionally will play together and make our characters hit each other with axes.

Had my native fruits been apples, I would have named my island "Appletini" and if they were oranges, "Mimosa."

edit: I don’t drink. However, the names of drinks are very fun.

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