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My Galentine's Day Event at Kendra Scott

[originally published February 16 2020]

I am so thankful to have partnered with Kendra Scott in Oakbrook Mall for their Galentine's Day event this year! A friend from my university recommended that I partner with the store for this event - this was definitely a blessing.

I have never shopped at Kendra Scott in the past and was so pleasantly surprised when I realized that the store is absolutely beautiful. As I walked through its golden-lattice double doors to finalize certain details for the event, I immediately fell in love with the store's atmosphere. While the store emitted a certain colorful and playful vibe, it also maintained a refined aura as well. This fits the jewelry and decor products perfectly.

All of the stylists and managers at Kendra Scott Oakbrook are so kind and friendly. During the actual Galentine's Day event on February 13th, it dropped to -2 degrees Fahrenheit outside. As such, not many of those who RSVPed attended. I chatted with all of the lovely Kendra Scott team for the lulls in between attendees and customers. While it wasn't a busy event, we all had an amazing time.

Kendra Scott is an extremely philanthropic company and I was happy to partner them with a local non-profit for the event. 20% off all event purchases went to My Half of the Sky. This amazing organization fights against human trafficking and offers support to women in need. For those who did make a purchase during the event, I am so thankful that you braved the freezing temperatures! Below are a few snapshots from the event:

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