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[originally published July 2 2019]

This happens to be my first product review on my blog! I have been working with IDEWCARE since Influenster sent me a goodie-box (called a "VoxBox") with a bunch of cool face masks. If you'd like to submit reviews and earn boxes full of free products then I HIGHLY suggest creating an account at Influenster.

IDEWCARE is a skincare brand that specializes in trendy face masks and other skin products. I personally love working with them! My favorite mask by IDEWCARE is their Disco Kitten peel-off mask. This mask dries silver (I pretended I was a robot and my family was NOT amused) and made my skin look smooth. It also firmed some lines in my face. If you're looking for a pre-makeup mask to smooth your skin then this mask is absolutely perfect!

The brand recently sent me their new line of Vitamin C-infused skin and lip products. The Plush Party lip mask is super hydrating. It comes in a lip-balmy, Vaseline-esque jelly form. I put it on last night before I went to bed and my lips were very soft in the morning. The jelly seemed to "plush" up my lips too, almost like a lip-plumping product. I've never tried a lip mask before, but I think I will definitely start using this one often!

The Bright Side Up serum is in a jelly form as well. I liked that it did smooth and brighten my skin! It did make my skin a bit oily, but it didn't seem to clog my pores. I have very acne-prone skin, so if a product causes me to break out, I stop using it completely. However, I'll give this product another go because I did not get any additional breakouts from it. I heard from a friend that Vitamin C products can help acne, so I'm hoping that trying out the other products may improve my skin as well.

Below are pictures from my Instagram showing off the Sugar Kitten mask! This mask is SO PRETTY and added light hydration to my skin. This one is for sure my second-favorite mask by IDEWCARE. Feel free to add a comment with any questions you may have regarding this brand and their products. This is not a sponsored post :)

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