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Chicago Fashion Week 2019 Review

[originally published October 9 2019]

On behalf of Fashion Bar Chicago - I absolutely loved attending one of the fashion shows presented this week.

Fashion Bar Chicago is an organization dedicated to developing Chicago's own fashion industry. After a provoking speech by the organization's founder and CEO, Tony Long, I learned the inspiring goals that Fashion Bar Chicago is set to reach. Long believes that the Chicago community as a whole can prosper through fashion and wellness. Wellness, according to Long, is the ability of an individual to be confident in who they are and to express themselves through style. By establishing a prominent fashion industry in Chicago, the organization hopes to create new jobs and reduce corruption throughout the city.

During this second week of October, Fashion Bar Chicago hosted numerous designers, models, and guests at a variety of themed shows. These fashion shows displayed support for student designers, transgender models and clothes, and bridal, children's, and streetwear designs. I attended the student designers' show as a close friend of mine was being featured. The three college students' collections were beyond outstanding in both design and construction quality. Below are images illustrating the beauty of innovative and socially-moving art and design.

For anyone interested in supporting Fashion Bar Chicago or any of the designers mentioned in this article, please refer to their tagged Instagram profiles. Chicago Fashion Week's Student Show was absolutely stunning and all credits go to Tony Long, Zsa Zsa Quach, and all of the Fashion Bar Chicago team.

Fashion Bar Chicago @fashionbarchicago

Student Designers featured:

Shaylin Thurston @shaylin__21

Shaquita Reed @shaquireed

Anaïs Glass @anaisglassdesigns

Design by Shaylin Thurston

Design by Shaquita Reed

Design by Anaïs Glass

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