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No matter what you're living through, how much you're suffering, or how hopeless the fight

Want to hear a really good story?

King Hezekiah of Israel was put into a terrifying predicament because of his enemy, the king of Assyria. Putting the country "between a rock and a hard place," the king of Assyria threatened Israel to surrender to his authority or be destroyed by military force. Israel either had to give into a life of oppression by Assyrian force or attempt to fight on its own for survival.

Many who are suicidal are struggling with a similar situation: keep fighting a seemingly hopeless fight for a painful, "worthless" life, or die trying. What they don't realize, though, was something that King Hezekiah pursued as a third option. Instead of attempting to fight the enemy on their own or giving in to what the enemy wanted, Israel turned to God for help.

There's a third choice for those who are hopeless. They don't have to keep living as they have been or die. Instead, they can choose to actively pursue God. God is Love, full of goodness, and full of grace. When we choose to bring God in every area of our lives, we simultaneously bring in love, goodness, and multitudes of His grace.


A strong, active relationship with Jesus saved me from suicide. He can save you too, friend.


This is me, I'm Lexy, Lexy is me

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